By Jaqueline T. Johnson

The Adventure of Pam & Gayle

Our Visit with Martin

Fantasy/Science Fiction

Pam & Gayle are sisters! They are excited to start their new adventure, the family’s first trip to the Martin Luther King monument. What will the girls learn along the way? Join Pan & Gayle on their journey to Washington, D.C.!

By Jaqueline T. Johnson

Sons of Meir Season End

Fantasy/Science Fiction

When the queen of Meir is kidnapped Erich makes a harrowing decision not to inform the family. He secretly searches for her with Nash and includes an unexpected ally, Malak, his illegitimate son. Malak is sent to infiltrate the lair of the notorious Nidarian leader the Bear, an enemy from his father’s past. Eager to prove himself to his father, Malak has no idea what dangers await him on Nidara.

Best Selling Author

Jaqueline T. Johnson

JOHNSON: I was born in Virginia. I’m married and have two sons, a daughter-in-law, and three grandchildren. I love to read and write, but my hobbies are watching anime and playing video games. My love for action and adventure, and for the details of storytelling inspired me to want to capture the hearts of readers. This is all part of why I love writing. A well told story, where the reader can see and feel the imagery is the only way to keep an audience coming back.

Book Series

Season End starts from where Chasm in Time leaves off. Erich and Nash are on a journey to rescue the queen from the hands of their once-trusted associate, Steele. Steele plays a cat and mouse game that leads the men to Nidara to confront the Bear.

While the king is facing the Bear, Daniel represents the family at the Gathering. Enamored by the Dweller people, will Daniel to represent the king or will he choose to surrender his citizenship and declare war on Meir?

While the household of Meir is dispersed on different missions, Gideon and Simone make an unhealthy alliance with an Enforcer named Mina. Mina is on a mission sent by the king to protect the keeper but Gideon is unaware of her end game. Gideon discovers that a box Nash stole from Artemis is connected to a legendary treasure and a woman named the Keeper. Gideon is tempted by the Keeper to reunite a mysterious box that contains the secret to why Artemis tried to kill his legacy.

When Erich learns that Daniel joined the Council of Men, he returns home without rescuing Kalya needing to save Daniel and spar Meir from a civil war. Unbeknownst to Erich or Nash, Reuben, now a pirate stumbles across a strange island named Grace. His curiosity leads Reuben to a violent confrontation with Steele. Does Reuben save the queen and receive a king’s reward or does Steele prevail in killing Nash’s only son?

In the end, life will never be the same for the Sons of Meir. Tragedy will strike taking the life of one. Malak, the third Son of Meir, discovers he is more like his father than his brothers. It is Malak, who foresees the death of Meir.

Test of Time
(Volume 1)

A hoarse echo diverted his attention. The wailing was a crude reminder of the years he spent eluding the madness that lived within these walls…

Mirror in Time
(Volume 2)

Take a breath. Take a breath. Breathe….breathe. Nash silently yelled…..Breathe, as the crushing weight of sand was compressing against his chest…

Shattered Time
(Volume 3)

A howling cry echoed through the Forbidden Forest. Blood and sweat poured from Nash as he began his long walk into darkness…

Chasm in Time
(Volume 4)

Nash took a long, slow breath. The forest was so dark. The pain he once felt had begun to subside. The sound of Erich’s voice whispered as if…

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This book grabbed me from the start!! You can place yourself in this story no matter your age, gender, or ethnicity. Kudos to Jacqueline Johnson for such a vivid writing style.

Reader – Paula

Jaqueline Johnson does It again. Mirror of Time is an excellent book full of adventure, twists, and romance. You will not be disappointed with this book.

Reader - Love to Read

I love how the author kept me engaged in the relationships and trying to guess the connections.

Reader - John T.

Bravo!!! Standing Ovation! The highest literary praise from your biggest fan! Standifer.

Reader - Peggy S

A must-read! Love this book! I read a lot of books and found this book to be one of the best reads this year. The author grabs your attention from the beginning and gets you completely engrossed in the lives of the characters.

Reader - Love to Read

A good read! I don't read as much as I should but this book held me captive and made it hard for me to put down. The plot was good the characters were exciting and there was also a love story that was well written and not tacky like most love stories. This is a book I will share with my kids. It would be a good read for high school students.

Totally enjoyed it!

Intriguing Read! Test of Time is definitely one of my favorite books of the year. There is intrigue, suspense, and it will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very end. Many twists and turns. Can't wait for the next book in the series!

Amazon Customer