Sons of Meir

Season End has been nominated for the 2019 Young Adult Virginia Author (YAVA) Award.

Season End starts from where Chasm in Time leaves off. Erich and Nash are on a journey to rescue the queen from the hands of their once trusted associated, Steele. Steele plays a cat and mouse game with that leads the men to Nidara to confront the Bear.


While the king is facing the Bear, Daniel represents the family at the Gathering. Enamored by the Dweller people, will Daniel to represent the king or will he choose to surrender his citizenship and declare war on Meir?

While the household of Meir is dispersed on different missions, Gideon and Simone make an unhealthy alliance with an Enforcer named Mina. Mina is on a mission sent by the king to protect the keeper but Gideon is unaware of her end game. Gideon discovers that a box Nash stole from Artemis is connected to a legendary treasury and a woman named the Keeper. Gideon is tempted by the Keeper to reunite a mysterious box that contains the secret to why Artemis tried to kill his legacy.


When Erich learns that Daniel joined the Council of Men, he returns home without rescuing Kalya needing to save Daniel and spar Meir from a civil war. Unbeknownst to Erich or Nash, Reuben, now a pirate stumbles across a strange island named Grace. His curiosity leads Reuben to a violent confrontation with Steele. Does Reuben save the queen and receives a king’s reward or does Steele prevail killing Nash’s only son?

In the end, life will never be the same for the Sons of Meir. Tragedy will strike taking the life of one. Malak, the third Son of Meir, discovers he is more like his father than his brothers. It is Malak, who foresees the death of Meir.