Season End starts from where Chasm in Time leaves off. Erich and Nash are on a journey to rescue the queen from the hands of their once trusted associated, Steele. Steele plays a cat and mouse game with that leads the men to Nidara to confront the Bear.

While the king is facing the Bear, Daniel represents the family at the Gathering. Enamored by the Dweller people, will Daniel to represent the king or will he choose to surrender his citizenship and declare war on Meir?

While the household of Meir is dispersed on different missions, Gideon and Simone make an unhealthy alliance with an Enforcer named Mina. Mina is on a mission sent by the king to protect the keeper but Gideon is unaware of her end game. Gideon discovers that a box Nash stole from Artemis is connected to a legendary treasury and a woman named the Keeper. Gideon is tempted by the Keeper to reunite a mysterious box that contains the secret to why Artemis tried to kill his legacy.

When Erich learns that Daniel joined the Council of Men, he returns home without rescuing Kalya needing to save Daniel and spar Meir from a civil war. Unbeknownst to Erich or Nash, Reuben, now a pirate stumbles across a strange island named Grace. His curiosity leads Reuben to a violent confrontation with Steele. Does Reuben save the queen and receives a king’s reward or does Steele prevail killing Nash’s only son?

In the end, life will never be the same for the Sons of Meir. Tragedy will strike taking the life of one. Malak, the third Son of Meir, discovers he is more like his father than his brothers. It is Malak, who foresees the death of Meir.

Meet The Author
Writing is an expression of who I am. It is where my emotions, thoughts, and dreams come alive. My inspiration comes from the most unexpected places. For me, the inspiration for the Sons of Meir series began twenty years ago. My youngest son was obsessed with the Disney cartoon Peter Pan. We watched the video daily. I began to know the story from beginning to end. I could actually quote the characters, but there is one scene where Captain Hook blows up Peter Pan’s tree house. As Peter cries out for Tinker Bell’s light not to go out, I questioned, “Could a man love a woman so much that he could feel her pain?” From that one question, I was inspired to write four books…Test of Time, Mirror in Time, Shattered Time….look for book four in the near future.
I’ve been asked, “As an African American, how did I become interested in fantasy writing?”

  • Writing in the fantasy/science fiction genre opens an unlimited avenue in a writer’s imagination.
  • To think that African-Americans do not write, watch or read fantasy in a time when fantasy/science fiction dominates the media and entertainment is unrealistic.
  • To those who aspire to be a science fiction writer, I would say don’t allow preconceptions of who or what a fantasy/science fiction writer should look like guide your dreams.

The imagination is limitless! ~JTJ


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Book Reviews
Congratulations to Test of Time & Mirror in Time…

Both winners of 5 stars from Reader’s Favorite Book Review and Website!!!

Book review of Chasm in Time:

Reviewed By: Peggy Standifer

“Bravo!!! Standing Ovation! The highest literary praise from your biggest fan!”

Reviewed By: Kaygeeva

5.0 out of 5 stars Charismatic Success!

This book marks my second review for this series since the author’s first release. While the first book exceeded more than exceeded expectations, it’s always good to see if the results will last. After reading through the rest of the series including the most recent (Chasm in Time), I can unequivocally state that this author has firmly earned a fan in my family and me.

The author has done a superb job of avoiding one-dimensional development of the characters by allowing the plots to progressively evolve them through interesting, unpredictable storylines (are a rarity in books these days). The storylines across the series force readers to steadily pay attention as the moments of intersectionality come fast and without announcement. More so, the author has managed to incorporate moments of self-inquiry per character that’s also apropos to the reader too. In Chasm, I’m left with simply wondering: where will they/we go next?

Reviewed By: Tracy A. Fischer – Readers Favorite: Book Reviews and Award Contest

In a great read by author Jacqueline T. Johnson, Test of Time is a book that will pull readers in from the very first page and keep them reading until the end. Two men, Erich and Nash, fighting for the separate kingdoms of Meir and Noyi respectively, have become friends against all odds. When they realize that they really are pawns being played in the evil plans of those that they once thought were good, Erich and Nash must decide if they will go along with what their governments seem to want, war as a means to gaining power, or if they will break away and instead fight for the common good.

I very much enjoyed Test of Time. Author Jacqueline T. Johnson has done a great job in creating a storyline that will engage her readers from the very start. The author has developed characters that her readers will be able to relate to, connect with, and continue to think about long after the story is done. If that isn’t a hallmark of a great author, I don’t know what is. Her world creation abilities seem to be second to none. She has created worlds that are both fantastic yet so realistic that readers will feel as if they can simply slip into the pages and enter the story. I am pleased to recommend Test of Time to any reader who loves a great work of fantasy fiction. I also look forward to reading more from Jacqueline T. Johnson as soon as possible!

Book review of Mirror in Time

Reviewed By Tracy A. Fischer for Readers’ Favorite

In Volume 2 of the Sons of Meir series, Mirror in Time by author Jacqueline T. Johnson, readers will be pleased to find the same excellent storytelling that they found in the first book, Test of Time. Our protagonist, Nash, is directionless. He’s left Meir but then finds himself on Noyi at the crossroads of life. When he decides to go forward, his entire life is changed. His best friend, Erich, and he must face each other in the arena of Noyi, and they both realize that the only choice they have is to fight to the death. Two go in, only one comes out. Will one of them truly kill the other? You’ll need to read the book to find out!

I very much enjoyed Mirror in Time. Author Jacqueline T. Johnson has done a great job in the continuing story of this great saga. She has also done a great job in creating characters that her readers will be able to relate to and connect with, even in a fantasy-related environment, and that isn’t always an easy task. Any reader who loves a book filled with adventure, thrills and a very fast paced storyline with a fantastic setting should absolutely read Mirror in Time. I’m pleased to recommend this book to any such reader or just a reader looking for a great book that will keep them turning the pages from the first through to the last. I look forward to reading more from author Jacqueline T. Johnson, and hope that she is already working on her next book!

Book review of Shattered Time

Reviewed By: Peggy Standifer

Dear Mrs. Johnson,

You have written an Epic Masterpiece! Having just read the last line of “Shattered Time”, I had to immediately write this review to you. Before I begin I would like to give a little background about me. I am a self-proclaimed book addict. At the age of 8, I was gifted my first chapter book from my 3rd-grade teacher. The book, a classic, “Little Women”. From there I was hooked and fascinated by the art of the written language and word. I have since read literally thousands of books of all genres. So the following review was written from my love of reading.

Reading is one of life’s greatest escapes. Your books, Ms. Johnson, are not only such an escape but an awesome experience and journey. With each book, your writing improved became even more beautifully descriptive and flowed ever so faster with each page. Actually, each page could easily be a storyline on its own. That is how full and rich your storytelling is. It is truly hard to believe you are a debut novelist and of a trilogy no less. I can assure you that there are many so-called accomplished novelists that do not come close to your style of writing.

You have everything and so much more in your books. The Forbidden Forest could stand alone for a whole book. The sights and sounds and eeriness are gripping. The Stringers, the Dwellers, the Merchants, the Traveling Caravans, the Villagers, the Royalties, and all other characters physically breathed and jumped off the pages.

The many multifaceted stories in each chapter were breathtaking, harrowing, and awe-inspiring. Time and place were very well formed and clear; crystal clear.

There are numerous sentences, dialogues, lines, paragraphs that will stick with me. One is in “Test of Time”, pg. 119 when Erich spoke to his men. So powerful that my whole body shook with excitement; as if I was one of the men Erich was commanding. The voice you gave Erich and all your characters, Ms. Johnson, was so real. We so desperately need that Braveheart Erich now in our country to give that same commanding speech on the page. 119.

It is simply amazing how you, Ms. Johnson, had Erich and Nash, these two assassins and warriors who did not blink or flinch when they killed, still be loving and caring in their home settings.

I truly could go on and comment on all 629 pages you wrote, it has been such a transporting reading experience for me. Actually, when I lifted my head from reading I had to literally reorientate myself to reality or to re-enter reality. But there is lastly an ending review comment; there is a definite Shakespearean and Biblical presence throughout all 3 books. Dare I make a suggestion or suggestions…”Test of Time”, “Mirror in Time”, and “Shattered Time” should become a movie. Can you just imagine the fantastic story on the big screen! I am already sitting in the theater waiting to hear and see the sights and sounds of your trilogy coming to life and then, of course, I already have it in DVD so I can watch over and over and over…again

Second suggestion, please try to get your work published by a mainstream publisher. Maybe you are already on that path? Even with all the many publishing houses to choose from you should have no problem being picked up by one or more. In my humble, self-proclaimed bibliophile addiction, Amazon I am afraid is just not enough for your books to come to light. As your trilogy is a best seller.

Mrs. Johnson, it was a privilege and honor to have read your magnificent writing that turned into 3 magnificent books. Thank you again so much.

Anticipating on follow-ups on your writing endeavors!