Sons Of Meir Season End

Author: Jacqueline T. Johnson

When the queen of Meir is kidnapped Erich makes a harrowing decision not to inform the family. He secretly searches for her with Nash and includes an unexpected ally, Malak, his illegitimate son. Malak is sent to infiltrate the lair of the notorious Nidarian leader the Bear, an enemy from his father’s past. Eager to prove himself to his father, Malak has no idea what dangers await him on Nidara.

Meanwhile, Daniel is left alone to attend the Gathering in his father’s absence. It is in Peerless where Daniel must choose whether to embrace his heritage and take the seat that is rightfully meant for Malak or does he return to Meir and live in the shadow of his more famous brother, the Prince of Meir.

Gideon, the first-born son, embarks on a mission to discover the truth behind the sudden appearance of Enforcers. What Gideon finds at the end of his journey is a mysterious woman known as the keeper of secrets. What she gives him is clues to a legendary treasure.

While the Sons of Meir’s adventure is on land, Reuben has his own escapade on the high seas. Reuben will discover a hidden colony of people and confronts the man who kidnapped the queen. He unknowingly finds himself on a journey that intersects in surprising ways in this fast-paced fantasy thriller


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